Please find attached the AGENDA for Wednesday and Thursday.


Wednesday –  Harlow Hospital (London) is a customer of ours and will be going out to tender in December. Sabiha Alom is taking over Laboratory Managers job and is quite “Oxoid” minded, so we need to “WOW” her! She is also                               best mates with Maria Long (Royal London) another “Oxoid” lover! Deborah Orriss is going to retire soon and is dropping down to 2 days a week, she loves us………..


Thursday –  Royal London Hospital only buys bits and bobs from us…need to build bridges and “WOW” them! Maryia Long, not to be trusted…comes across all sweetness and light and then stabs you in the back! She will eventually retire (Soon I hope). Nathan North  used to work at Imperial, quiet and reserved according to my sales team. Needs a big E&O Cuddle!     


Lets rock and roll…………


Virginia Lucey

Managing Director


T: 01324 840404