E&O Laboratories Ltd’s head office is based in Central Scotland with two fully automated manufacturing facilities and two licenced donor animal blood harvesting farms. All operational functions adhere to the required industry compliance criteria.


E&O Laboratories Ltd is certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 for “The development, manufacture and supply of ready-to-use culture media, dehydrated culture media, blood products, microbiological supplements/reagents and microbiological analytical services.”

Quality control methods are accredited by UKAS to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

E&O Laboratories manufacture a comprehensive range of Ready-To-Use Culture Media in various formats along with Dehydrated Culture Media, Antibiotic Supplement/Reagents, donor animal Blood and Serum, all available in a wide range of volumes and containers.


Clinical  Veterinary  Aquaculture  Pharmaceutical  Industrial  Cosmetic  Food, Water & Environmental

E&O Laboratories Ltd is the UK’s largest, and leading, privately owned, manufacturer of Culture Media. E&O supply a comprehensive, high quality product range in various formats and in a wide range of volumes and containers to satisfy all the different business sector’s compliance criteria and laboratory requirements.

E&O have two cGMP manufacturing sites to facilitate their fully automated production lines, steam sterilisation areas, validated clean-rooms and associated warehouse logistics function. Customer service, technical support, R&D, QC and QA are all sited at the main office in the Burnhouse facility.

All clinical products are CE marked, with industrial products being compliant with the Harmonized (USP/EP/JP) Pharmacopoeia standards.

Both sites are certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 with quality control accredited by UKAS to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Pre-poured plates   Bottled media   Bagged media   Tubes/Vials/Jars

E&O manufacture a wide range of formulations in controlled and validated production facilities equipped with the most modern automated equipment. Following an accurately controlled and documented formulation protocol, a defined weight of raw materials is added to a measured fluid prior to sterilisation/filtration/pasteurisation or inspissation.

Production batches range from 2 – 400litre and are transferred via colour coded sterilised tubing for automated dispensing into petri-dishes, bottles, tubes, vials or bags of varying sizes and volumes depending on client requirements. Dispensing, ink-jetting and final packaging are all performed in environmentally controlled clean-room defined areas validated to: ISO 14644-1 (Class7), EU GMP (Grade C).

General Purpose Media   Differential Media   Selective Media   Enrichment Media

E&O’s powder department pride themselves on their raw material selection process of complex nutritional components from around the globe. Following extensive testing criteria, batch reservation is contracted on an annual basis. Milling and blending using controlled and validated formulations and SOP’s guarantee batch to batch consistency of performance. All processes are housed in a controlled environment to ensure minimum degradation from moisture, heat and lighting effects.

Finished product is available in pre-weighed 500gm – 50kg containers/bags to suit customer requirements.

E&O offer a wide range of complementary antibiotic supplements and reagents for the selectivity, enrichment and chemical differentiation of media. They are manufactured in formats to suit varying requirements and batch volumes of different industry sectors.  Packed in powder sachets, lyophilised vials, deep frozen bottles and tablet formats for 500ml – 100lt batch production.

Donor Horse Blood   Donor Sheep Blood   Filtered Serum   Lyophilised Plasma

E&O Laboratories have been harvesting donor animal blood since 1978 on their two dedicated farm units. Careful animal selection, strict quarantine procedures and rigorous veterinary inspections ensures high quality donor blood products. Validated seasonal feeding regimes and high quality stock management guarantees consistent shelf-life with minimal red cell fragility and a defined Pack Cell Volume.

All donor collection procedures are carried out under a Project Licence from the Home Office under the Animals (Scientific procedures) Act 1986.

Defibrinated donor harvested blood is transferred from the farm unit to the laboratory where it is pooled into varying batch sizes, depending on customer requirements, before being dispensed into sterile bottles or bags. All blood products are routinely quality controlled within our UKAS accredited laboratory before being released for shipping.

Donor Horse Serum is separated from the red cells aseptically and then filtered through a series of filters before being pooled into a 300 litre batch and then, through a final 0.2µm sterile filter prior to bottling and deep freezing.