1409, 2016

NEW Quality Standard – BSI Accreditation to ISO 9001:2015

Following a two day audit in August 2016, E&O’s quality assurance department is very proud to announce to be the first media manufacturer in the UK to meet this new standard.

Eddie Scott (Quality Director) said, “E&O’s Quality Management System has been completely re-written to bring quality and continuous improvement into the heart of the business and allow all the management systems to be centered on the core business strategies.  We are the first culture media manufacturer to have re-designed our management system to ensure the leadership team are continually focused on the organization’s goals and customer satisfaction while embracing the process based approach to reduce risks and improve quality throughout.”

2604, 2016

UKAS Accreditation Success

NEWS – Continually improving quality standards…………….ISO 17025

UKAS extension of scope – four new methods to add to E&O Diagnostic’s current scope of Accreditation:

ED/SOP/70 – Performance of X&V Testing for QC Testing of Media

ED/SOP/64 –The Dnase reaction in Prepared Culture Media

ED/SOP/66 – Performance of the Nitrate Reduction Test in Media QC

ED/SOP/71 – Examination of Inoculated Media for Colonial Fluorescence

Our accredited test methods demonstrate that the specificity of E&O’s ready-to-use culture media are all tested and analysed under defined conditions, providing a greater level of assurance for the ability to differentiate target organisms from non-target organisms.

2604, 2016

Evaluation of mSuperCARBA™ chromogenic media

Download EVersion of report.

A recent PHE study was conducted by the Department of Microbiology in Leeds General Infirmary in order to identify the most sensitive chromogenic media for detection of CPE. An evaluation of the three following medias was performed: ColorexTM mSuperCARBATM (E&O Laboratories Ltd., UK); ChromID® CARBA SMART (bioMerieux, UK); and ChromID® ESBL (bioMerieux, UK) plus ERT disc (Mast Group Ltd., UK). The results of this evaluation showed that E&O Laboratories COLOREXTM mSuperCARBATM media had the “highest sensitivity at both high and low innocula” which was 99% and 93%.

2604, 2016


MEDIA for MYCOBACTERIA closes after 20 years manufacturing and supplying clinical and veterinary microbiology laboratories throughout the UK. With UKAS accreditation being implemented across the clinical sector, it was not economically viable for MFM to invest is modern equipment and quality standards on such a specialised but limited product range.
The timing was perfect for both companies to benefit, with Susan and Jacqueline now enjoying their retirement and E&O being able to combine their existing wide range of TB media and associated decontamination reagents with all the MFM indigenous formulations. E&O are now the leading UK manufacturer with all QC protocols compliantto UKAS ISO 17025 for allMycobacteria Medium & Reagents.
2604, 2016

E&O collaborates with Stirling University

E&O promote working closely with customers, suppliers and academia to improve product quality and manufacturing processes as well as designing innovative service enhancements. This spring we are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Stirling University for a 5 week industrial work placement with their applied biological science program. Dominic Quinn, a third year undergraduate student will be looking into the performance of Mueller Hinton Agar under the watchful eye of our experienced R&D team.