Sterile Heat Inactivated Horse Serum

//Sterile Heat Inactivated Horse Serum

Sterile Heat Inactivated Horse Serum

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E&O Heat Inactivated Serum is derived from horse serum and is suitable for use in diagnostic assays.
One of the reasons for the heat inactivation of serum (heating to 56°C for 30 min) is to inactivate complement, a group of proteins present in serum that are part of the immune response.
This is sometimes important for cells that will be used to prepare or assay viruses, used in cytotoxicity assays or other systems where complement may have an unwanted influence.
The use of Heat Inactivated Serum is also usually recommended for growing embryonic stem cells.

After filtration the dispensing and bottle filling processes are carried out in a state-of-the-art clean room under laminar flow.
Once labelled the filled bottles are then subjected to controlled heat inactivation and are frozen and stored at -20°C without delay.
The filter sterile Heat Inactivated Horse Serum is supplied in 100 or 500 ml PETG bottles.

All E&O products are for in vitro use only.
E&O products are intended only for use by qualified professionals who will safely handle and dispose of products they receive.
All biologically derived materials (e.g. blood, sera) should be handled as if a potential biohazard.
E&O media that contain antibiotics should be handled with care.
Chemical resistant gloves, eye protection and laboratory coat should be worn.

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Sterility testing only.