Mycological Agar with Chloramphenicol (50mg/L) & Actidione (400mg/L) (25ml)

///Mycological Agar with Chloramphenicol (50mg/L) & Actidione (400mg/L) (25ml)

Mycological Agar with Chloramphenicol (50mg/L) & Actidione (400mg/L) (25ml)

A selective medium for the isolation of fungi, particularly dermatophytes from clinical specimens, Mycological Agar is suitable for use in all areas of Mycology. The medium inhibits most bacteria due to the addition of Chloramphenicol which is added to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination when processing material that may be heavily contaminated particularly with Coliforms. Cycloheximide is also added to suppress the growth of yeasts and saprophytic fungi.

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Organisms Ref. No Result
Candida albicans NCPF 3179 Growth
Escherichia coli NCTC 12241 Inhibited
Trichophyton rubrum NCPF 419  White colonies. Red underside