Donor Animal Blood & Serum

E&O supply freshly harvested aseptically collected Donor Horse Blood and Sheep Blood. These blood products are oxygenated and supplied in both Bottles and Bags for convenient asceptical addition to culture media. Plasma products can be fractionated after the addition of a range of anticoagulants: Citrate, Alsevers, Sodium Oxolate, Heparin and EDTA.

All donor animal blood products are harvested from Stress Free Animals with guaranteed PCV’s and free from any microbiological inhibitors. The most common use is for the manufacture of Blood Agar Plates. Dehydrated culture media (Columbia Agar) is added to deionised water and then sterilized at 121°C. The molten agar is then cooled to 42°C, fresh Horse Blood or Sheep Blood is then added at a 5% or 7% concentration before being poured into petridishes.

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