Cooked Meat Broth with Fastidious Anaerobe Broth Overlay

///Cooked Meat Broth with Fastidious Anaerobe Broth Overlay

Cooked Meat Broth with Fastidious Anaerobe Broth Overlay

Prepared from Minced Meat granules overlaid with Fastidious Anaerobe Broth this medium is suitable for the recovery, isolation and storage of the most fastidious anaerobes and is possibly one of the best variations of Cooked Meat Medium available. Fastidious Anaerobe Broth is designed for optimum growth of all anaerobes, with the growth factors Vitamin K, Haemin and L-Cysteine included in the medium to assist those anaerobes that require them. L-Cysteine together with Sodium Thioglycollate is also present to reduce the ph of the medium and a small amount of Agar to reduce the absorption of Oxygen and convection currents. The redox indicator Resazurin is also present.  If immediately before use a narrow band of reddish/purple is apparent at the surface of the broth this does not indicate that the medium is unsuitable for use. This is due to the action of oxygen on the redox indicator and the medium should be placed in a boiling water bath, with the cap loosened, for about 15 minutes to remove dissolved oxygen. Immediately on removal from the water bath the cap should be tightened and the medium allowed to cool without agitation.

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Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343 Growth
Clostridium perfringens NCTC 8237 Growth
Streptococcus pyogenes NCTC 12696 Growth