Legionella GVPC Supp (0.5L)

//Legionella GVPC Supp (0.5L)

Legionella GVPC Supp (0.5L)

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E&O Laboratories Ltd Legionella GVPC Selective Supplement (LS0052) is used in the culture of suspected colonies of Legionella
spp. Colonies of Legionella should be visible after 2 to 5 days incubation on BCYE agar with growth supplement and appear light blue to blue-grey in colour.

Colonies suspected of being Legionella should be Gram-stained and subcultured to a fresh Legionella agar plate and to a Legionella agar plate not containing L-Cysteine. Gram-negative organisms that grow on Legionella Agar but fail to grow on Legionella agar (without L-Cysteine) may be presumptively identified as Legionella species. Definitive identification is performed on the basis of growth, morphology, and biochemical and immunological reactions.

Appropriate references should be consulted for further information on identification procedures.

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Legionella pneumoniae ATCC 33152 Growth
Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 No growth