Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth

//Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth

Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth

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Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth is used for the enumeration of Escherichia coli and other coliforms found in filter membranes used in water sample testing.
Originally named Membrane Enriched Teepol broth,(1) this recipe was updated when Teepol 610 was removed from the formulation and replaced by sodium lauryl sulphate.(2&3)
The peptones, yeast extract and lactose act as carbon, nitrogen and vitamin sources in this medium.
The phenol red is added as a pH indicator to detect the fermentation of lactose to differentiate the coliforms.
Sodium lauryl sulphate is an inhibitory agent.

(1) Burman, N. P., 1967. Development of membrane filter techniques. II. Adaptation to routine and special requirements. Proc. Soc. Wat. Treat. Exam., 16:40
(2) Joint Committee of PHLS and the Standing Committee of Analysis. 1980. J. Hyg. Camb., 85:181
(3) Stanfield, G. and Irving, T. E., 1981. A suitable replacement for Teepol 610 in the selective isolation of coliforms from marine waters and sewage. Water Research. 15:469-47

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Shelf Life (days)


Dehydrated Medium Appearance

Dehydrated Medium Colour

Dehydrated PH

Prepared Medium Appearance

Prepared Medium Colour

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Product Description

Organisms Ref. No Result
Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 Growth, orange colour
Citrobacter freundii ATCC 43864 Growth, orange colour
Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 29212 Inhibited


Recommended incubation

For E.coli spp.: Aerobically at 30 ± 1°C for 4 hours then at 44 ± 1°C for 14 – 18 hours.
For coliforms: Aerobically at 30 ± 1°C for 4 hours then at 37 ± 1°C for 14 – 18 hours.


Peptones 39.0
Yeast extract 6.0
Lactose 30.0
Phenol red 0.2
Sodium lauryl sulphate 1.0
Total 76.2
*Adjusted/supplemented as required to meet performance requirements



Suspend 76.2g of the medium in one litre of deionised / purified water.
Allow the medium to soak whilst mixing for 10 minutes.
Sterilise at 115°C for 10 minutes.
Once cooled, aseptically dispense into appropriate sterile containers.