Marine Agar

Marine Agar

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Marine agar is a medium used to support the growth of numerous marine bacteria.
Originally formulation by ZoBell (1), its high saline levels are to simulate a close approximation of seawater which allows the marine bacteria to grow (2).
The sodium chloride and marine minerals provide the high salinity needed for marine bacteria to thrive and aims to simulate sea water.
The peptones provide the necessary nitrogen, amino acids and vitamins for growth. Agar is the solidifying agent.

(1) ZoBell, C.E. 1941. Studies on Marine Bacteria. I. The cultural requirements of heterotrophic aerobes. J. Mar. Res. 4, 42-75.
(2) Lyman, J. and Fleming, R. H. 1940. Composition of Seawater. J. Mar. Res. 3, 134-146

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Product Description

Organisms Ref. No Result
Vibrio fischeri ATCC 7744 Growth, cream colonies
Vibrio harveyi ATCC 14126 Growth, cream colonies


Recommended incubation: Aerobically at 20-25°C for 24-78 days


Sodium chloride 19.45
Peptones 5.0
Marine minerals 8.55
Agar 10.0
Total 43.0
*Adjusted/supplemented as required to meet performance requirements.


Sodium chloride 19.45
Peptones 5.0
Marine minerals 8.55
Agar 10.0
Total 43.0


Suspend 43.0g of the medium in one litre of deionised / purified water.
Allow the medium to soak whilst mixing for 10 minutes.
Boil the medium for 1 minute with frequent stirring then sterilise at 121°C for 15 minutes to completely dissolve the medium.
Cool to 45-50°C, mix well and dispense into appropriate sterile containers.